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...is an association of individuals doing living history impressions focussing on the portrayal of civilians in the German principalities between 1856 and 1860.

Our members hail from various living history periods. Some of us do 13th century, late 18th century, or the American Civil War, while others have joined without previous reenactment experience.


What is our focus?

In terms of clothing, we follow period sources. Fashion plates show the latest fashion trends of the time. Advertisements in period newspapers provide information about which articles of clothing were sold and the nomenclature used for them back then. Furthermore, official gazettes include notifications of missing persons as well as lists of stolen goods from which we can glean information about colors and fabrics but also personal effects. This is important because of the different social classes, although the industrial production of clothing was taking up speed quickly during these years, and social and regional differences had begun to blur. 

The appeal of a civilian portrayal is that each one is able to live out their interests and affinities. You can portray a carpenter or a cap maker, a public servant or a traveller—the impressions are manifold.



Enthusiasm for the authentic portrayal of a historic impression is crucial. Experiences made in other time periods are an advantage, but not necessary. Moreover, you need to be a man or woman of action. Both one's personal impression as well as that of the whole group benefits from one's own initiative. If we are attending a summer feast, for example, a “time warp” into the year 1860 only happens if the food is prepared according to period recipes, if we sing songs of the time, and someone recites a poem—if not, it would just be a party in historical clothing and with an authentic beer barrel. For the initial phase and to a certain extent, we can lend clothing and equipment. For the long run, though, it is necessary that everybody equips him-/herself or with the help of those CIVILIANS who sew themselves or know sources of supply.